Here are a few of my favorite articles I’ve written over the last four years for various news outlets and organizations. To check out a bit more about my work, head to my “about me” page.

University Cheerleader With Down Syndrome Denied From Every Sorority on Campus

Her sister says it’s because she has a disability.

Netflix Turns Author’s ‘Month of Madness’ Starring Grace Chloe Moretz

“Once we silo someone into psychiatry a lot of times the physical parts of the illness are ignored…”

The Problem With GoFundMe and Crowdfunding Health Care

It’s time we stop calling successful campaigns “heartwarming.”

Whitney Matewe for the Columbia Missourian

Nursing shortage in Missouri hospitals reaches an all-time high

The shortage of nurses in Missouri hospitals is at an all-time high, according to a 2017 report by the Missouri Hospital Association.

Rachel Thomas for the St. Louis Post-Dispatch

In the U.S. and India, a small, but growing number of women choose ‘natural’ births

It’s a trend that has some medical professionals and insurers concerned.

Anonymous Student Publicly Displays Letter to Counseling Services After On-Campus Suicide

“On the surface, you say you can offer help and assistance… But behind closed doors, the truth is whispered.”

Mom Asks Twitter to Change Its Reporting Policies After an Offensive Image of Her Daughter Was Shared

“Enough was enough.”